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Three Tips For Parenting Toddlers

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Raising toddlers can be very difficult sometimes. It's very important that you do not lose your temper with young children, but keep calm and do not ever back down, no matter how loud the screaming becomes. Below are a few tips to help you raiser your toddler.

1. Remain calm. It is very frustrating for a toddler not to get his or her way; and even more frustrating for mom when toddler ignores her requests and ends up throwing a fit for what is desired. Once you begin arguing with or shouting at your toddler, you've lost. At all times the child must know that you are the boss, you are in control and that you have the authority. When referring to toddlers, you also want them to know that you not only are in control of them, but of yourself and the things around them. If a lot of yelling is happening in your house, your toddler does probably not feel very secure. Regardless of how it looks, your toddler wants you to be in control – he is just testing you. Remember, you can be very angry, and still calm. Your child should know that her behavior upsets you, and then discipline can occur. Discipline should be directly related to the bad behavior and should not be done out of anger.

2. Do not give in, no matter what. Even if you are in the middle of the nicest restaurant in town, do not give in just to quiet your child, nor should you buy your toddler a treat if you lose your temper. You child will quickly learn that if she throws a fit in public, she will get what she wants, or at least a treat. If you child starts throwing a fit in public simply pick your screaming, squiggly child up and walk out where you can calm the toddler and discipline her. The more consistent you are, the less likely your child will be to throw a fit to get her way – knowing it will do not good. And, at some point, she will figure out that good behavior is what gets her trees.

3. Be a good role model. Children imitate real life, and the real life they are most likely to imitate is the one in which they live – you and your spouse being at the center. It's important to do the right thing all the time, including admitting when you've made a mistake, or apologizing when you've lost your temper.

Incorporating these simple 3 tips into your habits for raising your toddler and everyone will be much happier.

Source by Tiffany Windhurst

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